Police in Perth County are trying to track down the vandals responsible for spray painting racist slurs and phallic images throughout the town of Listowel, Ont.

Residents of the rural community woke up Saturday to find the orange and yellow tags painted on their homes, vehicles and local high school.

"It appears that someone ran amuck with spray paint," said Const. Joshua Cunningham, with Wellington County OPP, adding that most of the damage occurred between midnight and 6:00 a.m.

Properties affected were on Bowne Avenue, Boyne Avenue, Clayton Street E, Elm Avenue N and Davidson Avenue N. The local high school was also affected, as was one of the township's recreation vehicles, which was parked at the Listowel Memorial Arena.

"We don't have any suspects yet," Cunningham said. "It is a juvenile type crime, but we're not saying that it was a young person. It could be anybody."

Police are asking anyone in town with a surveillance camera to check their recordings for any sign of the vandals.

The damage caused by the graffiti is estimated at $5,000.