kitchener the boathouse locks changed

A locksmith affixes a sign reading 'closed until further notice' on the front door of The Boathouse in Kitchener's Victoria Park. The operator of the venue, Kevin Doyle fell five months behind in his rent and utilities bills. (Mike McCulloch/CBC)

The Boathouse, the popular music venue, restaurant and bar in the heart of Kitchener's Victoria Park is now officially closed.

City staff and a locksmith changed the locks at the venue Monday afternoon and posted a sign on each door reading "closed until further notice."

The City of Kitchener says the operator, Kevin Doyle, is five months in arrears on his rent and utility bills.

The doors of the Boathouse were closed Friday afternoon, and reopened briefly for a musical performance Sunday afternoon. Doyle has not responded to requests for comment, but took to Facebook to announce the closure of the venue.

"It kills me to say goodbye to our Boathouse but I am left no choice," he said in a post.

Kitchener Mayor Carl Zehr told The Morning Edition host Craig Norris on Monday that the city is "absolutely committed" to the music scene in Kitchener.

Meanwhile, Kitchener's director of economic development Rod Regier called the Boathouse "an iconic building."

"It's dearly loved by the community as a whole. It's a resource for the entire community," he said Friday. "We're committed to keeping or reanimating it or putting it back to work in the future."