After a shortened three-month season last year, Community Access Bike Share is getting ready for its first full season of operation as it looks to raise money and volunteers in order to spread its reach.

The service, run by the Working Centre in Kitchener, first set up shop last August and ran until October. In that time, organizers learned a lot, said coordinator Adrian Underhill.

How CAB works

1. Those 16 years of age and over can sign up at The Working Centre's website, or in person at 58 Queen St. S. in Kitchener.

2. Receive membership card.

3. Members go to a designated Bikeshare station, where an electronic key-box can be found inside the building.

4. Swipe the electronic key-box and enter a PIN number to open.

5. Take one key from the box.

6. The key will have a number on it, corresponding to a bike.

7. Unlock the bike, take the bike lock with you and away you go.

8. Return bike, lock and key to any station after use.

"We're feeling a lot better situated this year for having spent that time last year," he told The Morning Edition host Craig Norris Tuesday. 

The organization already has stations up and running at Kitchener City Hall, Kitchener Market and Charles Street Bus Terminal, and will soon be re-opening a station at Sunlife Financial at King and Union.

It plans to add more stations this year, including at the Kitchener Public Library and a station on Union Street in Waterloo.

"We're also really excited about some interest at The Walper Hotel," he said.

Underhill said this year's goals also include increasing the organization's cash flow and the number of volunteers that help support Community Access Bike Share.

"We're trying to raise membership, that's number one," he said. "We're also trying to bring in new volunteers.

"We're also saying, 'Join our e-list, stay connected with us even if you don't want to become a member, take a stake in our development.'"