The head of Kitchener's bylaw enforcement division says officers are struggling to cope with the current workload.

Shayne Turner, the director of bylaw enforcement for the city of Kitchener, will make a presentation to a special council meeting Monday afternoon asking for changes.

Turner says the city should either increase resources or cut bylaw enforcement duties. 

Currently, responding to certain types of complains can be a challenge, according to Turner.

"Typically, we’re pretty good at getting to those parking complaints -- but the noise complaints are the ones where we’re finding that they can be challenge because they have peak times," he said, adding that noise problems typically occur during late evenings and weekends. 

Noise complaints are the number one issue that bylaw officers get called, but they also respond to calls on everything from snow clearing to backyard fires. Overall, the number of calls is on the rise, while staffing levels have remained the same.

"So as the number of calls we deal with increase, our response times are going to increase as well," said Turner.

"So it’s taking us longer to get to calls."