Christie Digital is about to put on a stunning Christmas light show this weekend.

The Kitchener-based company, known for its cutting edge display technology used in virtual reality training and movie theatres all over the world, plans to use some of its best tricks to light up Kitchener city hall for Christmas this Saturday. 

Make no mistake though, this will be nothing like the string of lights you're used to at Christmas.

"I would consider these the next level, times ten, beyond Christmas lights," James Robinson, the director of research and development at Christie Digital, told Craig Norris on The Morning Edition Friday.

The technique is called projection mapping. It uses specialized software and 10 painstakingly-aligned projectors to wrap projected images onto irregular surfaces, such as buildings, in 4K resolution. 

"We really have pixel level control of the canvas," he said. "So we use the digital canvass to create all sorts of stunning experiences and visuals and then we can map those onto the facade of city hall with incredible accuracy and brightness."