Two sisters from New Hamburg who went missing for nearly two days in Bon Echo Provincial Park returned home Wednesday night to cheers and hugs from friends and family.

"I don’t know what else to say other than I am ecstatic, I am over the moon, I don’t want to stop hugging them," the girls' father, John Kip said.

Jenna, 16, and Emma Kip, 12, were missing for over 30 hours after taking a walk in the forest near their Hardwood Hills campsite last week. The sisters became disoriented during a thunderstorm.

The pair survived by building a lean-to and wringing out moss for drinking water. They were found by provincial police search teams last Friday.

Family members, neighbours and friends of the sisters made signs, honked on noisemakers, and gave Jenna and Emma hugs.


Emma Kip, left, gets a hug from a friend, right. Emma and her sister, Jenna Kip were lost in the forest for over 30 hours in Bon Echo Provincial Park. (Matthew Kang/CBC)

"This is amazing to see everyone here again and just be with everyone. This is so surprising, I did not expect this much," said Jenna Kip.

"I thought it would be less dramatic, I had no idea the whole, entire nation knew, it’s incredible," she said.

"I just wanted to get home, I was thinking about everybody," said Emma Kip.

"Now I am home and I’m so happy."