It may be a snowy Wednesday, but the weather was good enough for powered LRT testing from Waterloo to Kitchener.

The LRT vehicle went to Central Station at the King and Victoria Street intersection.

Residents were excited to see the train move slowly along tracks from Waterloo to Kitchener on its own power. Workers in fluorescent uniforms and hard hats were on board while the train made its way through the snow. 

Previous to Wednesday, the light rail car went out for an unpowered test on Jan. 11, where it was towed by another vehicle along the line near Northfield Drive and King Street.

New signage along the tracks have been installed to remind motorists, cyclists and pedestrians to not stop or park on the tracks while testing along the 19-kilometre track continues.

On Jan. 11, regional councillor Tom Galloway said he was "cautiously optimistic" the trains will be in service for users by June this year.