The region's community services committee is being asked to approve funding for artwork that will be displayed at seven Ion LRT stops along the Kitchener-Waterloo route.

Fifteen artworks were shortlisted from the original 66 submissions.

Kate Hagerman, a cultural heritage specialist with the Region of Waterloo, said having public art at the stops is important.

"Art is really an important element in terms of community building and place making," Hagerman said.

"We have the opportunity to present art in different formats along our route. We are doing some linear pieces and some sculptural pieces."

Two-step selection process

The artists' submissions went through a two-step selection process. 

The artists first put in a brief proposal along with their experience. Then those who were shortlisted were asked to do site specific proposals, which led the committee to decide the chosen pieces. The final step would be to create the art once $875,000 of financing has been approved.

The selected works by a diverse group of artists described as "emerging" and "international" will be displayed at these stops:

  • Conestoga – Continuum by Catherine Paleczny.
  • Research and Technology – Network by Ken Hall.
  • Grand River Hospital – Spinal Column by Sandra Dunn.
  • Kitchener Market – Because Cats Can't Fly by Veronica and Edwin Dam de Nogales.
  • ​Mill – Tall Tales of Mill Street by Terry O'Neill and Tara Cooper.
  • Block Line – Three Sisters by Katharine Harvey and Lindsey Lickers.
  • Fairway – Shaping Residency by Stephen Cruise.