Motorists will want to avoid the intersection of Victoria and Weber streets for the next two months as the busy junction undergoes a makeover.

Starting on July 7, the intersection will be closed to vehicular traffic as construction crews work on widening Weber Street. The region has posted detour routes on its site to help residents travel around the construction site.

The City of Kitchener and the region have come up with a suggested detour to get around the intersection, which pedestrians and cyclists in particular are encouraged to use: Duke Street, Wellington Street, Lancaster Street and Water Street.

Weber Street Detour

"We're at a critical stage in the project," says Peter Linn, who is a senior project manager with the Region of Waterloo.

Not only is the intersection being widened, but Victoria Street is being lowered by a metre and Weber Street is being realigned. Linn says it wouldn't be safe to let people drive, walk or bike through a complex construction like that.

"The only option was to actually do the closure...and get in and do the work and get it over as quickly as possible," he says.

Victoria Street Detour

The region hopes to re-open Victoria Street by August 15. Weber Street will remain closed at Victoria until September 12.