With only one year to its name, the Senior B women's hockey team in Woolwich township has already found a sweet spot for itself, with organizers planning an additional team for the fall.

The Woolwich Girls Minor Hockey Association, also known as the Woolwich Wild, launched the team in August 2016 for women aged 18 and older. 

"We weren't sure what we were getting into," said coach Doug Woodburn. "What ended up happening is we lucked out. Given all of the interest, we were able to select a pretty good team."

Such a good team that they ended up first in their pool, clinching a place in the provincial championships, which take place in Toronto in April. 

woolwich wild women's hockey

The team finished first in their pool, clinching a place in the provincial championships in Toronto. (Woolwich Girls Minor Hockey Association)

"If you would have told me at the start of the year that any of that was possible, I would have laughed, but it has been a very good year," Woodburn said.

And it's not just the team that's been a success, women's competitive hockey has been gaining ground in the region as well, according to Woodburn. 

woolwich wild women's hockey

Due to the success of women's hockey in Woolwich, the association plans to ice two teams next season instead of one. (Woolwich Girls Minor Hockey Association)

"The K-W area seems to have a lot of women that are in this situation of wanting to play hockey and I would say that centres like London and Woodstock are also centres where there seems to be this groundswell of interest," he said. 

"We likely could have iced two teams last year, given the interest. The challenge was there is a lot of prep work that goes into this. You've got to find ice, you have to find coaching staff, and we were just kind of caught off guard by the amount of interest."

But this year the association is already planning to ice more than one team, with tryouts scheduled for May and August.