The estimated cost of damage and cleanup resulting from the ice storm that hit Waterloo Region three weeks ago is pegged at $1.2 million -- and that number is expected to grow. 

The City of Kitchener estimated it has spent $138,000 on clean up of downed limbs and debris following the ice storm. City officials say the cleanup has taken longer than expected and additional costs could be uncovered in the the coming weeks. 

"We have also been hampered by the snow storms but hopefully the rain will expose the material left on the boulevards," said city spokeswoman Laura Johnston in an email to CBC News on Sunday. 

As of December 31, Kitchener-Wilmot Hydro estimated its ice storm costs at $300,000 for repairs and restoration of power to Kitchener and Wilmot Township residents. 

Cambridge North Dumfries Hydro estimated the cost of the ice storm at $220,000, but expects that number to increase as it is still waiting on some forestry and contractor invoices, said Barbara Shortreed, vice president of customer care and communications.

Waterloo city officials estimated the cleanup costs of the storm at around $350,000. Waterloo North Hydro, which serves the City of Waterloo, as well as Woolwich and Wellesley Townships, estimated $200,000 worth of damage and repair costs. 

The City of Cambridge did not have a damage estimate as of Friday.