After five weeks of campaigning and knocking on thousands of doors, candidates running for provincial office have some pretty strange stories to tell. 

CBC News spoke with candidates in the bellwether riding of Kitchener Centre to find out what their best – or worst – moments on the campaign trail were. 

'I'm Jesus Christ'

NDP candidate Margaret Johnston said she loved door-knocking because it allowed her to meet her neighbours and connect with voters. It also makes for some good stories, she said. 

"We've had funny things happen and wonderful things happen," said Johnston.

"The weirdest thing I encountered was introducing myself to someone ... and they said, 'Hi, I'm Jesus Christ.' And I said, 'I didn't think I'd be meeting you until later.'"

'Eff off'

PC candidate Wayne Wettlaufer said his team was greeted with "more than a little vulgarity" during the five week campaign. 

"I don't know if it was strange or quirky but I had one lady come to the door and she said, 'I am a teacher, eff off."

'Which way are you leaning?'

Liberal Daiene Vernile, now elected as the member for Kitchener Centre, said nudity was a recurring theme of her door-knocking campaign. 

"One guy answered the door and he was soaking wet and holding a house coat around himself," said Vernile. 

"I said to him 'Are you a Liberal supporter?' And he said. 'No, I'm undecided at this point.' And without thinking I said, 'Which way are you leaning?'"