Humans of UWaterloo Facebook page soars on campus

Danielle Bennett and Cindy Chau are the first-year students who started the Humans of UWaterloo Facebook page. In just two weeks, their page already has over 2,500 likes.

A breakdancer with a beard painted red, aspiring Broadway stars and an instructor in a bright yellow sweater are just some of the people featured on a new Facebook page that is going viral at the University of Waterloo.

"I think people just like people," says Danielle Bennett, one of the two first-year students behind the Humans of UWaterloo page.

Bennett, along with her friend Cindy Chau, were inspired by the Humans of New York blog, the massively popular website that features pictures of New Yorkers, such as children, buskers, police officers and couples. The pictures also include interesting tidbits of information about the people in them. 

"Within, I think, three days our page hit two thousand likes, so that was pretty amazing," Bennett said.

Chau and Bennett had only started the page on February 3 of this year. 

"I think people just respond to it really well because it's sort of interactive, because there's a chance that they might be on it, that they might know somebody," Bennett said. 

On top of all the attention the page is getting, Bennett said it's helping her with her shyness when it comes to approaching others. 

"I found that by the third person in a day I got a lot better at asking people things," she said. "I think that if this project continues, that I could very well overcome a lot of my shyness."

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