Waterloo Region District School Board trustees voted 8 to 2 Monday night to change bell times at high schools and some elementary schools, in an effort to trim more than $1 million from its budget. 

The changes mean 15 out of 16 public high schools will begin classes up to20 minutes earlier, while some public elementary schools will begin classes 20 minutes later. 

Superintendent Nick Landry, the Waterloo Region District School Board's manager of enrolment, told The Morning Edition host Craig Norris that the changes will allow the board to save money on transportation costs through having elementary and high school students share buses. 

"We are in a $4 million deficit and part of that is every year we spend a million dollars more on student transportation than we receive from the province of Ontario. So immediately when you have to balance your budget, you have to look at where you're overspending and transportation is one of those areas."

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