The City of Guelph is looking for local artists to help spruce up one of its old water towers.

The Verney water tower, near Exhibition Park, is scheduled for a new paint job in 2018.

The city is requesting design ideas from local artists, over 18, to be included in the repainting. 

"It's an amazing opportunity. It's hard to think of anything more visible than a water tower for your artwork," said Patti Broughton, executive director of the Guelph Arts Council, which is not involved in the project. "It's an amazingly visible opportunity for artists, and also a great community project."  

Submissions can be made on the city's website and will be graded on quality, creativity, feasibility and local relevance.

"It would be interesting to see designs that express some of the characteristics of this community," Broughton said. "It's a place that's well known for its community engagement, volunteerism, the arts, definitely, environmentalism."

The winner will be chosen by an online community vote. Two runners up will receive $250 in prize money. The winner will receive an additional $750 prize. 

Entries must be submitted by Oct 8.