Tia Carey won't be able to vote for another six years, but the 12-year-old has already been nominated for an award recognizing her political involvement.

Carey was nominated for an Everyday Political Citizen Award for helping Ontario Green Party leader Mike Schreiner with his campaign in Guelph this past spring.

"Tia is the most inspirational 12-year-old," wrote nominator Temara Brown.

"She and her loyal sidekick, [her dog] Ted were two of the most loyal and dedicated volunteers in the leader of the Green Party of Ontario’s campaign in May and June. She helped motivate others in a mock election in her school (which voted Green in the end, undoubtedly due to Tia’s conviction), and is out almost daily participating in events that aim to make her community a better place."

She even tried to convince rival NDP candidate James Gordon to support the party — albeit by accident.

"He was walking down the street with a 'James Gordon' t-shirt and he was holding 'James Gordon' brochures and I didn't even realize," Carey told The Morning Edition host Craig Norris.

"And then I offered him one, and a second after that I realized who he was! He was like 'I'll trade you one,'" laughs Carey. "He was really nice!"

The Everyday Political Citizen award is a contest run by non-profit political engagement group Samara Canada. 

Listen to the full interview, below.