Ryan Kellar and his dad Henry

Ryan Kielar poses with his dad, Henry inside the CBC's Kitchener studios. Keilar is a cub scout who earned all 50 badges, stars and awards the organization offers. (Mike McCulloch/CBC News)

There will be no more cub scout badges for Ryan Kielar.

Not only does the 12-year-old have no more room on his sash, there are no more to earn since he already has all 50 badges, stars and awards the organization has to offer. 

Ryan said the pack specialty badge was by far the toughest. 

"You make your own badge and you decide with the group what it's going to be and then you have to make and get everyone to do it," he told The Morning Edition host Craig Norris Tuesday. 

"I did letter boxing, which is geo caching and you have your own stamp and there's clues that you follow."

Ryan's father, Henry Kielar, who's also a cub scout leader is proud. 

"As a leader it's fantastic to see a cub scout take charge  and have a goal and work towards getting his badges, as a father I'm proud of him for sticking to it," he said. 

However Ryan admits, earning all 50 badges wasn't all a walk in the park, some were difficult to earn and others were just plain boring. 

"The computer badge wasn't that exciting," he said. "I just had to answer tonnes of questions about what parts of the computer and it wasn't very fun."