A Guelph bank in the area of Gordon Street and Clair Road was robbed by two men dressed in black Friday morning.

One employee was assaulted but was not injured. 

The two suspects' faces were covered, as seen in video footage. Police have not yet identified them.

Police would not say how much money was involved in the robbery. Police also would not say whether the suspects fled on foot or by vehicle. 

In the area of Gordon Street and Clair Road there are five banks. Police declined to disclose which bank was affected.

Guelph bank robbery

Both suspects were dressed in black clothing, with their faces covered. (Guelph Police Service/Bank surveillance footage)

Investigation into the robbery has started and police are calling for the public to come forward with information by calling 519-824-1212 at extension 7236, or leave an anonymous tip on the Crime Stoppers line at 1-800-222-8477.