Victoria Park winter

(Amanda Grant/CBC)

A local woman and her grandson are safe thanks to the help of a Good Samaritan walking in Victoria Park on Tuesday, police say.

The woman and her grandson were tobogganing in the park during the snowstorm Tuesday night and ended up going downhill right into the water, over the rocks that border the lake.

According to a police report, the grandmother treaded water while she struggled to push her grandson out of the chilled water.

But she wasn't able to get out the water herself and yelled for help.

People in the area heard her and called police.

In the meantime, a 59-year-old man was walking through the park during the grandmother's struggle and heard her cries. 

He pulled the woman out of the water and walked her and her grandson to warm place. 

Police said the pair were taken to hospital for assessment and were then discharged.