The Grand River Conservation Authority issued a flood watch Sunday stretching into Tuesday for the "traditional" flood-prone areas of Elora, New Hamburg, Ayr, Grand Valley and Drayton.

Sunday's warm temperatures will have melted off most of the snow cover, GRCA said. Combined with heavy rains predicted for overnight Sunday-Monday, there's "potential for flooding in some locations" Monday, the GRCA said in a release.

"The highest potential for flooding exists in areas that traditionally flood: Elora, New Hamburg, Ayr, Grand Valley and Drayton. Whether flooding occurs will depend on the amount of rainfall over the next 24 hours and how rapidly the rainfall occurs," the release added.

The watershed authority advised people in the region to "use extreme caution near all watercourses, and parents are reminded to keep children and pets away from watercourses."

The GRCA's flood watch remains in effect until Tuesday, it said.