Galt post office restoration changes unveiled

The City of Cambridge has unveiled revisions to the plans for renovating the old post office in downtown Galt.

The City of Cambridge has unveiled revisions to the plans for renovating the historic post office in downtown Galt. 

Councillors approved the original design in July, but asked the architect to make a few changes in response to public criticism. The size of the floating glass structure on the top of the building has been reduced, and the glass addition has been pulled back from the historic building's facade.

Mayor Doug Craig says there will still be plenty of opportunity for public input.

"This is an ongoing process. It's not a four day process, as some people have viewed it to be. It is, in fact, a 120 day process," said Craig. 

Some residents have even suggested things be put on hold until after the October election. 

But Craig says it would be irresponsible for the new council to stop the project.

"This has been an ongoing process. Anybody who wants to stop the project now is going to be looking at millions of dollars lost on this whole thing," he said. 

Craig says the city plans to host two more public information sessions after the fall election, and that the design may also change according to building codes and accessibility requirements.

Here are more examples of the proposed changes to the designs.

The cantilevered top glass section was reduced in size from left, to the smaller on the right. (City of Cambridge)
The height of a glass section was reduced 1.5 metres, and set back another 3.5 metres from the front of the post office building, resulting in the proposed design on the right. (City of Cambridge)