A flood watch has been extended by the Grand River Conservation Authority for low-lying areas of the Grand, Conestogo, Speed and Nith rivers as the spring melt continues.

The Grand River Conservation Authority has extended a flood watch for communities in low-lying areas along the Upper Grand, Conestogo, Nith and Speed Rivers Tuesday, citing recent rain and continued run-off from the spring melt. 

At the same time, the environmental watchdog also cancelled flood warnings for New Hamburg, Ayr and Cambridge that were issued ahead of Monday night's heavy rainfall. 

"Flooding will persist in low-lying areas along the Grand, Conestogo, Nith and Speed rivers as the spring melt continues," the agency said in a news release issued Tuesday. 

As part of its message, the GRCA updated the flood watch for key areas of the watershed: 

Grand River in Grand Valley and Waldemar

The GRCA says runoff from melting snow creates the potential for ice jams and could lead to flooding along roadways in the Grand Valley and Waldemar areas for the next two days. 

Conestogo River in St. Jacobs

Rising water levels have already forced authorities to close the low-level bridge upstream of St. Jacobs and the GRCA says it will remain closed until further notice. 

Nith River in Ayr

Tannery Street has reopened because flood waters have crested, but the GRCA says local officials will "maintain surveillance for possible flooding in low lying areas." 

Speed River in Cambridge

The GRCA said it has asked the City of Cambridge Public Works to reopen Black Bridge and to determine whether the walking trail under the 401 can remain open.