An unexpected problem with the fire suppression system at The Berlin saw the downtown Kitchener restaurant shut down just before dinner on a busy Saturday night.

Ryan Lloyd-Craig, the general manager of The Berlin, told CBC News in an email that about 15 minutes before they were set to start dinner service Saturday, the fire suppression system above the cooking equipment went off and chemical foam was sprayed all over the restaurant's equipment, food and floors.

There was no damage, Lloyd-Craig said, "just a lot of cleanup of water and foam" from the mishap.

Lloyd-Craig said they are unsure why the system went off and are trying to figure it out.

On their Facebook page, The Berlin staff thanked people for their understanding.

"For any new restaurant this can be devastating, however, our team jumped to action and made the best of a bad situation," the Facebook post said.

Saturday night guests who had reservations were called and staff made arrangements for them to eat at other nearby restaurants.

Lloyd-Craig says The Berlin will reopen on Tuesday, once the source of the system misfire is identified and repaired.