Fire at sex exhibit closes TheMuseum in Kitchener

There's hot and then there's hot. Often the subject of controversy, the travelling Science of Sex exhibit at TheMuseum came under a different kind of heat Friday morning when a fire forced staff to evacuate the building and close its doors to the public.

Travelling 'Science of Sex' exhibit has made headlines before, but never like this

There's hot and then there's hot.

Often the subject of controversy, the travelling Science of Sex exhibit at TheMuseum came under a different kind of heat Friday morning. 

TheMuseum was forced to evacuate and close its doors temporarily after a small fire erupted at the exhibit on the building's fourth floor.

"It was an electrical issue," TheMuseum's CEO David Marskell said Friday. "There was a bit of damage and I'm just trying to understand when we'll open the fourth floor."

A number of students were inside at the time, but museum staff evacuated the building quickly and safely and no-one was hurt, according to Marskell. 

Staff closed the facility to the public when the fire was discovered, Marskell said, adding staff also threw open the doors in order to ventilate the building from smoke. 

Firefighters arrived shortly afterwards to douse the flames and stayed on scene for about an hour to investigate what may have caused the fire and whether it could happen again. 

Marskell said firefighters have given the all-clear, but the building may stay closed for the rest of the day. 

"They've given us the green light, we can open the other three floors while we're dealing with the fourth floor," he said. However, Marskell was unsure if TheMuseum would reopen by the end of the day. 

"I am unclear if we will reopen today but we hope to," he said. Adding Saturday night's Pop the Gator's 25th Anniversary Reunion party would still happening as planned on Saturday.