The Cambridge and District Humane Society says it's already getting applications for some of the dozens of dogs that were rescued from a Brant County home that one investigator described as "one of the worst places I've ever been into."


A number of the 83 dogs rescued from a Brant County home were 'morkies' - a cross between a Yorkshire and a Maltese - like the dog shown here. A humane society investigator said the dogs were living in horrible conditions. (Canadian Press)

But Bonnie Deekon, executive director of the humane society, said all the dogs are under a two-week quarantine until veterinarians give them a clean bill of health and say they are ready for adoptions. Deekon said they have already had six applications for the dogs.

"Our vets have to review them for the next while to tell us individually what they think," she said Wednesday.

'My eyes burned immediately from the ammonia' — Tracy Laraway, humane society investigator

"They are going to require dental care They were badly matted. They were in bad need of a bath. A lot of them have major skin conditions and certainly a lot of them have ear infections," Deekon said.

Tracy Laraway, a humane society investigator, said that when she stepped into the house last week, the smell took her breath away, even though she was wearing a mask.

"My eyes burned immediately from the ammonia and they started tearing up and burning," Laraway said.

"It was extremely hot in the house. No air circulation at all. And there was just dogs everywhere.There was feces everywhere. You couldn't tip-toe through it.

"There was black mold on the walls, cobwebs. It's one of the worst places I've ever been into."

The ages of the dogs, ranged from newborn to five years old, but the majority were seven to nine months old, Laraway said.

Many were so-called "Morkies," a cross between a Maltese and a Yorkie.

The Cambridge humane society is holding 33 of the dogs, with the rest at the Brant County SPCA. Deekon said her centre is at capacity but that the dogs will stay there until they find new homes.

Deekon asked people to raid their linen closets for extra sheets and towels needed for the dogs who are not house trained.