Don Frigo shooting death: Canada-wide warrant issued for Boris Panovski

Ontario Provincial Police have issued a Canada-wide warrant for Boris Panovski, 70, of Scarborough, Ont. He is wanted in connection with the death of businessman Don Frigo, who was shot while riding a horse in Clinton, Ont., on Saturday.

Businessman was shot while riding a horse in conservation area near Clinton, Ont.

Police have issued a Canada-wide warrant for Boris Panvoski, 70, of Scarborough in east Toronto. He is wanted for murder in the shooting death of Don Frigo. (Ontario Provincial Police)

Ontario Provincial Police have issued a Canada-wide arrest warrant for 70-year-old Boris Panovski of Toronto following the shooting death of businessman Don Frigo on Saturday near Clinton, Ont.

Frigo, 70, was on horseback when he was shot and killed at the Hullett Wildlife Conservation Area outside Clinton, about 200 kilometres west of Toronto. According to police, Frigo and Panovski knew each other, and an altercation occurred between the two prior to the shooting around 5 p.m. ET. 

Toronto businessman Don Frigo was shot and killed on Sept. 13 in Clinton, Ont. (Out of Doors Magazine)

Panovski is described as:

  • Five foot seven.
  • 200 pounds.
  • Brown hair and blue eyes.

He is wanted on one count of murder and one count of attempted murder, according to OPP Det.-Supt. Dave Truax. Police warn that Panovski may have changed his appearance.  

According to Truax, the investigation led police to a house in Scarborough, east Toronto, where they executed search warrants and as a result seized a number of items that have been taken to forensics.

'We have reason to believe Panovski may be armed," said Truax, warning that anyone who spots Panovski should call a special hotline, 1-844-278-4794. 

"No attempt should be made to apprehend the suspect on behalf of police," said Truax.

Police released this photo of a blue 1998 Toyoto four-door sedan, which they say belongs to Boris Panovski, wanted in the shooting death of Don Frigo. (Ontario Provincial Police)

Police are looking for people who have interacted with Panovski in the past seven days or who saw his vehicle, a blue four-door 1998 Toyota sedan, near the conservation area. 

Frigo's female companion was injured in the shooting. Police still refused to confirm if she is Frigo's wife, but say she is in a safe place and not a suspect. 

Truax refused to discuss her medical condition. 

Avid fisherman, showed hunting dogs

Panovski lives in Scarborough, and residents at his apartment building told CBC's Sue Sgambati that he worked as a hair dresser. They said the allegations against Panovski are a big shock because he seemed to be a nice, normal neighbour.

What is believed to be Panovski's Facebook page shows off his love of raising and showing hunting dogs.

The photos show him handling the dog that won the 2005 National Open Shooting Dog Championship, a prominent dog show in the U.S. He was not the dog's owner.

Frigo was a prominent member of Ontario's hunting dog community.

Panovski's photos also show him fishing. Panovski calls it "the best sport" in one of his photo captions.

Another photo posted in August shows him and several other people with Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne.

The premier's press secretary, Zita Astravas, told CBC News Wynne does not know Panovski personally. Astravas identified the photo as being from the St. Clements Macedonian Community Fest in Toronto in early August, which she wrote is "one of hundreds of events the premier has attended."

Panovski is a member of the Macedonian Churches and Monasteries Facebook group, which encourages members to share their photos of Macedonian churches and monasteries from around the world.

With files from CBC's Sue Sgambati