Wilfrid Laurier University Ph.D candidate Eden Hennessey's research into sexism in science and tech professions is turning heads at the university library, where a photo exhibit inspired by her work is on display until Sept. 22, 2015. 

The title, #DistractinglySexist, is a play on the #distractinglysexy hashtag that went viral earlier this year in protest over Nobel Prize-winning scientist Tim Hunt's comments that women working alongside men in science labs are disruptive.

The exhibit features nine professional women who work in STEM fields, which refers to science, technology, engineering and math. They all faced gender discrimination at some point in their careers. 

The nine are just a small sample of the women Hennessey interviewed for her thesis but many wished to stay anonymous, fearing retribution if they were to speak publicly. 

"I've had people agree, and then withdraw because of fear of being a part of this project, or bringing attention to it and the consequences that might have," said Hennessey. 

"I've really learned that this whole exhibition is confronting sexism in STEM." 

Hear the full conversation with Hennessey and two scientists who did step forward to be part of the exhibit, Wilfrid Laurier professors Anne Wilson and Allison MacDonald, in the interview below.