Waterloo mayoral candidate Dave MacDonald says he won't fight the implementation of light rail transit in Waterloo Region after the provincial government officially sealed its commitment to funding the system. 

"It looks like the province has said no, the region has said no to a referendum, so I think we just need to move forward and put the issue behind us," said MacDonald. 

'There's no point in beating a dead horse.' - Dave MacDonald, Waterloo mayoral candidate

His comments come after the province handed over a signed agreement to the region on Friday making its $300 million commitment to the ION LRT system official.

"We're committed to that now, we're past the point of no return on that project," said Transportation Minister Glen Murray.

MacDonald had called on the province to withhold the funding until there was a referendum on LRT development in Waterloo Region, a stance he has now abandoned. 

"Once the deal has been signed I don't see a whole lot of advantage of trying to push against it any longer," said MacDonald.

"There's no point in beating a dead horse," he said. 

MacDonald said the focus of his platform from now on would be on open and accessible government. 

"I was running on a responsible government campaign and allowing the people to have a say more so than just a strictly anti-LRT [platform]," said MacDonald when asked specifically if he was no longer running on an anti-LRT campaign.

"So once the deal has been signed I don't see much advantage of pushing against it any longer." 

Current Cambridge Mayor Doug Craig is now the only mayoral candidate in the cities of Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge to directly oppose LRT development.

Service on the light rail transit line running between Fairview Park and Conestoga malls is slated to begin in 2017.