Hours after saying he fired a campaign worker for for sending an email to Ward 2 candidate Wasai Rahimi asking him to drop out of the race, Kitchener mayoral candidate Dan Glenn-Graham now says the individual responsible resigned.

Rahimi received an email from Glenn-Graham's account on October 14 that encouraged him to stop campaigning and instead throw his support behind Dan Graham (no relation) for Ward 2 councillor. Glenn-Graham said on Friday the email was sent without his knowledge from a shared campaign iPhone by a member of his staff and apologized to Rahimi. In an interview that afternoon, he had yet to discuss the matter with his campaign team.

Email from Dan Glenn-Graham

A screen-grab of the email that appears to be sent from Kitchener mayoral candidate Dan Glenn-Graham's iPhone to Ward 2 candidate Wasai Rahimi. (Wasai Rahimi)

When asked Monday morning by CBC News if the person had been fired, Glenn-Graham initially replied, "Yes." He also confirmed the firing took place on Saturday.

However, subsequent media reports on Monday quoted Glenn-Graham as saying the individual responsible had resigned.  When asked to clarify what exactly happened, Glenn-Graham replied by email, saying "the volunteer resigned on their own Friday night."

He provided no further details and declined to name the person he claims sent the email.

Rahimi said he thinks people deserve to know who is at fault. 

"I would like to understand that he still believes in transparency," said Rahimi. "The public needs to know what is really going on."

Rahimi said he won't consider the issued resolved until voters are told who is responsible.

"According to my experience of door-knocking ... a number of people [don't] like politics," said Rahimi.

"Why don't they like [politics]? Because some politicians play really dirty ... that is why I stand strong on democracy and also transparency."