Ward 2 council candidate Wasai Rahimi says he will not accept an apology from Kitchener mayoral candidate Dan Glenn-Graham until the latter publicly explains how and why an email was sent to Rahimi encouraging him to quit his pursuit of a council seat. 

The email, sent on Wednesday from one of Glenn-Graham's email accounts, asks Rahimi to drop out of the race and endorse another candidate running in Ward 2, Dan Graham, who is of no relation to Glenn-Graham.

'A person cannot just send an email'

Glenn-Graham has apologized for the email, saying it was sent without his knowledge by a member of his campaign team.

But Rahimi says the apology is not valid. 

"I appreciate that he called me," said Rahimi in an interview Friday afternoon. "But...I want more clarity on this. Without discussions, without agreement of others, a person cannot just send an email."

He wants to know how many people on Glenn-Graham's team were involved in writing the email and what their intention was in sending it.

"I need clarification, because...it is a public issue," he said. "This kind of backroom deal is questioning for people.... The politics which have dealings like this – what I call dirty politics – is what people hate."

Glenn-Graham to discuss email with team

Glenn-Graham says he has done his best to address Rahimi's concerns, but doesn't have all the answers yet.

Although the email was brought to his attention early on Oct. 17, he had yet to discuss the matter with his campaign team when CBC News contacted him Friday afternoon. He also had not asked for the resignation of the staffer who had allegedly sent the email in the first place.

"There are obviously some ramifications here that I have to get to the bottom of," he said in an interview conducted Friday afternoon. "But I stand by my principles of wanting to do the right thing here."

Glenn-Graham says he will contact Rahimi with more information as soon as he has had a chance to talk to his team.