The Region of Waterloo says the repair of the Greenbrook Water Treatment Plant, which was damaged in a chemical explosion in April, is set to cost between $500,000 and $700,000.

The region said in a staff report released Friday that about $205,000 has been spent on cleanup so far, and funding for the restoration will come from the region’s insurance pool.  

Investigations by the region, the Ministries of Environment and Labour and the City of Kitchener concluded that a delivery of ammonia was made to the treatment plant by chemical company Canada Colours and Chemicals Ltd, which was subcontracted to Nachurs Alpine Solutions. During the delivery, ammonia was fed into chlorine storage tanks, which caused the explosion.

There was no explanation how exactly the ammonia was fed into the chlorine tanks.  

The region says following the explosion, procedures for deliveries performed by contractors was reviewed by staff. As a result, the region is mandating staff to escort all deliveries made at all 13 plants where chemicals are transported by a contractor.   

A chemical handling study is currently under review to find best practices and improve training. The region expects the findings of the review will be incorporated into standard operating procedures.

The region says there were no injuries reported at the scene, and the plant was not in operation at the time. Crews also took preventative measures to ensure drinking water would be safe, as the plant supplies about five per cent of the region’s water supply.

The region also says no impact is expected to the Water User Rate.