A Texas driver has been arrested and arraigned on manslaughter charges in connection with a crash that killed four Kitchener, Ont., residents last month, including an 16-month-old boy.

Police in Kyle, Tex., say Wilson Rene Molinares, 22, will face the charges in connection with a Feb. 19 crash near Austin that also orphaned two young girls. His bond has been set at $1 million US.

Margaretha Wall Hildebrandt, 27, Heinrich Martens, 31, Gerhard Hiebert Peters, 30 and 16-month-old Jacob Wall Hiebert died when a Honda Civic — travelling the wrong way in the northbound lane of Interstate 35 — hit their minivan as well as a pickup truck.  

Helena Hiebert-Wall, 6, and Michaela Hiebert Wall, believed to be about 3, survived the crash.

After the crash, Molinares was taken to an Austin hospital in critical condition but he is now listed in stable condition. 

Police issued arrest warrants for Molinares last week, but executing the warrants was complicated because he was still in hospital. 

Martens and baby Jacob were Canadian citizens, while Hildebrandt was a permanent resident of Canada and a Mexican citizen. Peters had been living in Maxwell, Ont., a small community outside Collingwood.