Councillor Dan Glenn-Graham to run for Kitchener mayor

Kitchener ward 10 councillor Dan Glenn-Graham announces he will be running for the city's mayoralty.

Platform of low taxes and more community involvement in local politics

Glenn-Graham has served on Kitchener city council since 2010 as a councillor for ward 10. He also works as a workplace mediator and facilitator with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board of Ontario. (Twitter)

Kitchener Coun. Dan Glenn-Graham is taking a run at the mayor's office this year.

“I heard from a lot of people during my campaign last time about a need for a new vision for the city,” Glenn-Graham told CBC News. “I have that now and I’m the leader that can offer an exciting alternative and I am really thrilled to be able to share that with people.”

Glenn-Graham has served as a city councillor since 2010 and has lived in Kitchener for 20 years. He is currently employed as a trained mediator and return to work specialist with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board of Ontario.

Glenn-Graham says he plans to run on a platform of low taxes as well as increased civic engagement to improve transparency in government decision-making.

“It’s not about spending more money, it’s about using our current money more efficiently,” said Glenn-Graham.

Glenn-Graham says he will be filing his papers for mayor on Friday morning at city hall, and will be hosting a formal announcement at 5:00 p.m. the same day at Entertaining Elements in downtown Kitchener.

Mayor Carl Zehr has not yet announced whether he intends to run for the municipal election, which will be held on Oct. 27.