Cam Guthrie

Aside from being a city councillor, Guthrie works as a professional insurance broker. He was also voted as one of the Top 40 Leaders under 40 in Guelph. (

Guelph Ward 4 Coun. Cam Guthrie has announced his intent to run for the mayor’s office in October’s municipal election.

Guthrie says he decided to enter the race after going through the last municipal budget, and based on the encouragement of constituents.

“They just had enough of the status quo, and they know that in pretty much all cases, in all issues in the city, we can do better,” Guthrie told CBC News.

The idea of doing "better" is the main driver of Guthrie’s campaign, and was mentioned several times in a Thursday speech in which he declared his candidacy.

Guthrie says improvements can be made in a range of different areas for the city, but one he has highlighted in particular is Guelph’s delivery of core services. And Guthrie says he is open to allowing for private sector involvement in the delivery of those services.

“I usually get many people around the horseshoe and many other people just roll their eyes and say that’s something that can never be done,” said Guthrie. “But you know, there are lots of cities across this province, across this country, that have looked to the private sector to deliver core services with fantastic customer service.”

Aside from his duties as a councillor, Guthrie works as a professional insurance broker.

Current Mayor Karen Farbridge didn't immediately respond to inquiries about whether she would be running in the Oct. 27 municipal election.