Cooler summer lowers hydro use in Waterloo Region

A cooler than usual summer has reduced peak demand for electricity, according to two of the region's power suppliers.
Kitchener Wilmot Hydro says peak demand for the entire year for the past two years occurred on July 17. (Shutterstock)

Temperatures have been unusually cool this summer in the region, and two hydro suppliers say they’ve seen a dip in demand for electricity as a result.

Kitchener Wilmot Hydro says peak demand, the term used to describe when electricity consumption as its highest, was on July 17 for the past two years.

According to data from Environment Canada, the high on that date for 2013 was 32.6 degrees. For 2012, it was 34.9 degrees.

However, the high on July 17 for this year was only 24 degrees.

Wilf Meston, the vice president of customer service at Kitchener Wilmot Hydro, says peak demand for the last two years registered around 378 megawatts.

"I would have expected in the summer of 2014 that we would hit over 380 megawatts of demand,” said Meston. “We haven’t even made 300 megawatts of peak demand.”

Cambridge North Dumfries Hydro says it is also seeing a similar trend.

Peak demand for June was 10 per cent lower than it was last year.