Guelph's Red Brick Cafe located at 77 Westmount Rd. is for sale and could be yours for only $200. 

Of course, there is a catch. You also have to write an essay or make a video, explaining why you'd be the right person to take over cafe, and then be chosen from a pool of applicants to take home the prize. 

Cafe owner Shelley Krieger said she decided to sell her business in an unconventional way because it felt more reflective of the time and energy she put into building it.

"I looked into the traditional sale route, but it just wasn't feeling appealing to me ... I put my heart into the cafe and I felt I wanted my business to go to the right person," she said in an interview with Craig Norris on CBC's The Morning Edition

Cafe valued at $90K

Krieger has owned this business and another in Guelph's downtown core for 10 years, but she said she wanted a change. 

"It's a wonderful business, but also a lot of work, and I decided I wanted to simplify my life a little bit," Krieger said. 

Now, the cafe—valued at about $90,000—could be yours. 

The sale includes all of the equipment and furnishing required to run the business, as well as three months of rent for the space and 80 hours of training from Krieger herself. 

"I'm looking for three things," Krieger said. "I'm looking for passion ... I'm looking for applicable skills ... and I'm looking for a vision." 

"I want somebody who's got an idea of where they want to take it."

The contest closes on March 3, 2016, at which time Krieger and a panel of judges will deliberate, naming the new owner in the spring.