Waterloo city council will decide Monday night whether to allow a controversial condominium complex to be built at Noecker and King Street, north of Bridgeport. 

The congregation of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of St. Sophia is opposed to the project, because they worry that vibration from a year and a half of construction could damage their aging building.  

Claudia Griebenow, speaks for the church and says that the developer offered to buy the church property, but it wasn't enough to relocate. 

"We can't afford to move because the amount of money we would get for our property, we just couldn't build another building like we have, nor the manse, nor the income property we have on the other side," she said. 

According to Griebenow, the small congregation also can't afford insurance to protect against the potential construction damage. 

The church has registered as a delegation for the council meeting Monday night, and plans to make a last minute appeal to city councillors to urge them to consider the church's predicament before approval for the condo development is put to a final vote.