Waterloo Regional Police are investigating a possible drug lab inside a residence at an apartment building in Kitchener. 

Inspector Shaena Morris said officers discovered a potential clandestine lab inside a residence along Strange Street early Saturday morning after responding to "a disturbance."

On Sunday, police came back to the residence at about 11.00 a.m. to make sure there were no safety issues, police said.

Police closed off the area of Strange Street, between Herlan and Cherry Streets to "determine if any criminal offences have been taking place, with respects to making and operating a drug facility," said Morris.

She said the street will remain closed for "several hours" until late Sunday afternoon. 

Strange St.

Police closed off the area of Strange Street between Herlan and Cherry Streets in Kitchener as part of the investigation into a potential drug lab inside a resident (@incidentpost/Twitter)

Ongoing investigation

Police entered the residence on Sunday wearing hazmat suits and breathing apparatuses. 

"Signs for us that there could be a clandestine lab facility would be chemicals, liquids — labelled or not labelled —venting, and things of that nature," said Morris. 

Morris said the safety risk is low for the community.

"The purpose of the closure is just to create a safe workspace for our officers," she said. "We're just ensuring our officers are protected in entering a potential volatile situation like this."

Morris said there are no injuries at the moment and that Waterloo Regional Police officers have partnered with Health Canada to make sure they're aware of what chemicals they're dealing with. 

"This is a very rare occurrence for our region. Fortunately we are not faced with this type of situation on a regular basis," Morris said.


  • The original headline read, "Regional police investigate possible drug lab in Kitchener's east end." When in fact, the location of the investigation on Strange Street happened in Kitchener's west end.
    Dec 17, 2017 4:47 PM ET