Child struck by vehicle at Cedar and Church in Kitchener

A boy was taken to hospital after being was struck by a vehicle Friday morning at the intersection of Church Street and Cedar Street in Kitchener.
A boy was struck by a car heading north on Cedar St. at Church St. in Kitchener just before 9:00 a.m. on Friday morning. (Courtesy: Erica Robinson)

A boy was taken to hospital after being was struck by a vehicle Friday morning at the intersection of Church Street and Cedar Street in Kitchener.

Witnesses said the child, believed to be around six or seven years old, was hit just before 9 a.m. by a silver sedan that was travelling north on Cedar Street.

The child was standing on Church Street when he went westbound across Cedar Steet and was struck. Witnesses said it didn't appear the car was travelling very fast.

"I was taking the garbage out, and there were a group of parents standing on the corner with kids, and the little boy who got hit, I guess he stopped as [the driver] was coming over and then darted, or like just stepped forward. And she was driving really slowly," said Kirsten Robinson, who lives on Church Street. 

"He got thrown still almost a metre more, and went flying and his face was bleeding, and she just got out of the car screaming and crying and sat down beside him and was rocking back and forth," said Robinson. 

In a video taken by Robinson and shown to CBC News, the boy can be seen sitting upright on a curb, conscious and bleeding from the mouth. The boy's condition is not known but his injuries are not believed to be serious. 

"I was walking my kids to the school bus, and they were waiting for me at the corner, and then all of a sudden we saw a car come up and a boy was hit. I didn't see it directly, but my kids did," said a woman who identified herself as Shannon.

"He seems to be okay, he didn't want to go to hospital, but he seems okay," she said. 

According to Robinson and her sister Erica, it's the second collision in about a month at that intersection. One of the collisions, between two minivans, happened in early March. The sisters say the collision occurred because the intersection is only a two-way stop, with stop signs on Church Street, but not on Cedar.

The Robinsons showed CBC News where their chain link fence had been damaged after one of the minivans travelling on Church struck another minivan on Cedar, causing it spin across Cedar and hit their fence in the southwest corner of the intersection.