A task force with the Waterloo Catholic District School Board says it will reach a decision on whether to allow non-Catholic students into Catholic elementary school by June 2014.

Currently, non-Catholic students are only allowed to attend Catholic high schools, meanwhile Catholic elementary schools in Waterloo Region require eligible students to provide baptismal certificates or other proof of religion in order to be eligible to enrol in a Catholic elementary school. 

Manuel da Silva, the head of the school board task force examining the issue, said the team is currently looking at how other Catholic boards across the province handle the issue.

"What we're trying to do now is create some sort of template to see whether a board does admit non-Catholic students, what their procedure is, who makes the decision and what their process is." 

Da Silva said the task force will then present the findings to the Catholic board's rate payers.

"We will let them know what other schools are doing and ask them for their input on what this board currently does and what it should do."

Da Silva made the comments Monday night at a school board meeting.