Catherine Fife outlines 5 NDP demands of Liberal's budget

The provincial NDP have listed five demands they would like to see met before they can support a Liberal budget.

NDP concerned about youth unemployment in Waterloo Region

NDP MPP Catherine Fife says the youth unemployment rate in the Kitchener-Waterloo area is double the provincial average. (David Chidley/The Canadian Press)

As Queen’s Park prepares to table the provincial budget next Thursday, the NDP are listing five demands they would need to see in order to give their approval.

The list includes a reduction of auto insurance costs by 15 per cent, a five-day wait time for home care guarantee, the closure of corporate tax loopholes, measures to tackle youth unemployment and a ensure that those on disability and welfare have access to employment.

"We’ve been very clear about our expectations around these priorities and the government has indicated that they’re interested in listening," said Kitchener-Waterloo MPP Catherine Fife on The Morning Edition.

"But we need to see it in black and white. That’s ultimately what we’re waiting for."

Since Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak has already said his party will not support the budget and the Liberals are in a minority position, all eyes are on the NDP to see whether or not it will pass. If it does not, Ontarians will go to the polls.

In response to the NDP, Wynne said the governing Liberals will invest in the areas of concern that the party had outlined.

But the premier added that the Liberals will not be beholden to a list of opposition demands, and that the government will continue to do what is best for Ontarians.

When asked which of the five demands was most pressing for Kitchener-Waterloo, Fife said youth unemployment stood out the most. She said the youth unemployment rate in the area is double the provincial average.

As part of a potential solution, Fife said her party plans to provide incentives to small and medium sized businesses to hire youth.

"I think that’s a big step to actually start to rebuild the economy, when you have youth who quite honestly are losing hope."