Participants in an online survey commissioned by the City of Kitchener are overwhelmingly opposed to the development of a casino, both within the municipality and in Waterloo Region.

Seventy per cent of the 2,326 respondents indicated they were strongly opposed to a new casino in Kitchener.

Eighteen per cent strongly supported the idea of a new casino in the city.

Six per cent were somewhat supportive, while five per cent were somewhat opposed.

Most respondents also were against the addition of table games to Elora's Grand River Raceway, although the opposition wasn't as strong as it was to casino devlopment.

Forty five per cent of respondents strongly opposed the expansion of table games, while 15 per cent were somewhat opposed. Twenty five per cent of respondents supported table game expansion to some degree, while 15 per cent said they didn't know or listed the question as not applicable.

Other statistical highlights related to casino development:

  • Seventy five per cent of respondents were either strongly or somewhat opposed to a new casino in Waterloo Region outside Kitchener.
  • Twenty three per cent of men supported a casino in Kitchener, compared to 13 per cent of women.
  • Of the 1,735 respondents who opposed a casino, 93 per cent cited social problems as a reason for their opposition.
  • Fifty eight per cent said a casino would damage the city's image, while 56 per cent said they were concerned about crime.

The survey was designed by Environics Research Group. It was made available online between Apr. 15 and May 1.

It is not considered a scientific poll.