Cambridge council is preparing to resume talks about the proposed sports multiplex the city wants to build.

A special council meeting will be held Monday and Mayor Doug Craig said he is looking forward to continuing the discussion.

"There are a number of factors to be considered and we won't be in a position to make a final decision on Monday," Craig said in a statement. "It is complicated and this will be the first step in this next phase of the process."

Council last met on Dec. 12, when the multiplex task force presented their site evaluation assessment. Six properties were considered, although only five were considered viable.

'We want to do this right'

On Monday, council will receive a report from staff that will include cost estimates for each location, timing implications, compliance with the city's Official Plan and opportunity costs from land development, such as potential tax revenue.

It's anticipated council will give staff some direction on which sites they would like more information on.

"We want to do this right," Craig said. "It's important that we balance the wishes of the community with how much a multiplex will cost taxpayers in Cambridge."

The meeting is Monday night at 7 p.m. in council chambers in Historic City Hall, 50 Dickson Street. The public is welcome to attend. More details can be found on the city's multiplex site.