Cambridge Mayor Doug Craig said he'll put forward a motion at the next regional council meeting that would allow Cambridge to opt out of paying for the LRT. 

"This motion is going to say if you're going to area-rate transit, Cambridge is not getting rapid transit, don't put us in that particular category," said Craig in an interview on The Morning Edition Monday with Craig Norris.

"We wish to be exempted from paying from the LRT, it's that simple. I mean Cambridge isn't getting it, I don't know how they could possibly pass a bylaw making us pay for something we're not getting," said Craig.

Craig will put that motion forward at the March 19 council meeting. 

The planning and works committee has approved Grandlinq as the selected bidder to build the LRT at a cost of $532.1 million for Stage 1 of the system. That cost doesn't include the adapted bus rapid transit (aBRT) system that will connect Cambridge with downtown Kitchener that is also part of the Region's Stage 1 plans for transit. 

Under the current plan, the aBRT would be converted to light rail to serve Cambridge. 

"I think the LRT issue has, in fact, caused a great divide between the Region and the city of Cambridge, I don't think there's any question about that," said Craig.

"People in Cambridge are angry because [of] the fact they're going to have to pay for a system they're not getting, and they're going to pay for that system probably for at least the next 30 to 40 years and I think that's going to motivate people to come out and say 'You know, we've had enough of this.'"