Three-year-old Holden Sisak has a rare genetic disorder that has left him unable to walk or talk. But it hasn't stopped him from experiencing a lot of things other kids his age get to do.

He likes watching baseball games, playing with Hot Wheels and swimming, but most of all he loves hockey. 

Thursday night Sisak took the ice at the Cambridge Ice Centre to play with the Cambridge Hawks Minor League atom hockey team.

Holden Sisak

Holden Sisak, 3, of Cambridge, played hockey with the Cambridge Hawks for the first time Thursday. (Devin Sisak/Facebook)

A video documenting the experience shows Sisak skating from the blue line toward the goal, with some help from his dad and a special walker. He then winds up, shoots and scores, to cheers from the team. 

Sisak was diagnosed at 13-months-old with Lesch-Nyhan Syndrome. The genetic disorder affects the metabolism of purines, which are a type of protein molecule. It causes neurologic disability, and behavioural problems, including self-injury.