Boston Woods, the 12-year-old boy hit by a transport truck in Cambridge Wednesday morning, has a long road ahead in his recovery but is in stable condition, his family says.

On a Go Fund Me page set up to support the Woods family, Woods's mom, Lisa, wrote that he had woken up and "communicated 'I love you'" to his family.

"We are so blessed to have such a beautiful community of people. I don't know how to thank you all it means the world," she wrote Thursday night.

"Boston is awaiting some more surgeries so right now it is a waiting game we hope to get the breathing tube out soon so he may be able to talk."

The Go Fund Me page set up to support the Woods family while they stay with him in Hamilton said both his legs were broken, he has a broken pelvis, broken elbows and internal bleeding.  The Go Fund Me page was set up by family friend Lindsay Rehmann. 

Teri-Anne Golding, Woods's aunt, said her nephew had surgery Thursday morning and has many more ahead. And they expect him to be in the hospital for several months.

"On top of the organ surgeries, he has multiple broken bones," Golding said in an email to CBC News. "We are just praying and hoping for the best outcome."

12 year old cyclist collision Cambridge

Police on scene examine the bike of Boston Woods, 12, who was struck at the corner of Hespeler Road and Can-Amera Parkway Wednesday morning. (Kate Bueckert/CBC)

Helmet 'saved him'

Woods was cycling at the intersection of Hespeler Road and Can-Amera Parkway when he was hit by the flatbed tractor trailer, which was making a right turn onto Can-Amera from Hespeler around 10 a.m., police said.

He was rushed to Cambridge Memorial Hospital, then airlifted to McMaster Children's Hospital in Hamilton.

At the scene, Sgt. Stu Church told CBC the boy was wearing a helmet at the time.

The helmet "probably saved him from more head injuries than he is sustaining at this point," Church said.

"The helmet saved probably a life in this situation."

Golding agrees. She said her sister, Woods's mom Lisa, has "always laid down the rules of the road" in regards to bicycle safety.

"We are so thankful he was wearing his helmet, as it most likely saved his life," she said.

bike collision cambridge

Police blocked off the street for a number of hours Wednesday afternoon to investigate the incident and examine the truck. (Kate Bueckert/CBC)

Investigation ongoing

Police continue to investigate the collision.

The truck operator Diversco sent an emailed statement to CBC News.

"Diversco Systems is deeply concerned with the traffic incident that took place this morning involving one of our vehicles and a 12-year old boy on a bicycle in Cambridge," the company said.

"Our company and our driver are fully co-operating with the police in their investigation."

Loves lacrosse, 'sweet' young man

She said he was on his way back from a sleepover when he was hit and he has biked that same route regularly "without issue."

Woods loves to play lacrosse — the Cambridge Chiefs made a donation to a Go Fund Me page — and is a "sweet and well-behaved young man," Golding said.

"Boston has a long road to recovery but we are hopeful that he will be strong through it all," she said. "The whole family is at a loss for words and are just sticking by their side waiting for more news on how he is holding up."

The Cambridge Chiefs Midget team donated to the cause, writing, "Chiefs are strong, they are determined and they share an unwavering love for their LAX family. You are a Chief so you are a fighter."

They added, "You got this #39!"