The Boathouse is currently closed. The City of Kitchener closed it when former operator Kevin Doyle fell behind in rent and utilities payments. (Jane van Koeverden/CBC)

The City of Kitchener has finalized its shortlist of potential future operators of the Victoria Park Boathouse.

The city has not yet announced who the three bidders are, but CBC News has confirmed their identities.

- Bill McTavish, owner and operator of Imbibe in Kitchener

- Cory Crossman of the Koi Music Festival

- Glenn Smith, owner of Ethel’s Lounge and Frat Burger in Waterloo, in partnership with singer/songwriter Danny Michel.

McTavish says he and the other two bidders now have to submit a second response to the city, with more detailed information.

“We have to put a full business plan together, and we get a site visit, we get to visit the Boathouse for a couple of hours,” said McTavish.

City staff will evaluate the business plans and renovation designs of the three bids and are expected to present them to Kitchener council in early December.