Big Music Fest could be annual event, Kitchener councillor says

Bil Ioannidis, the councillor for Ward 7, says Big Music Fest organizers are using this year's festival for a test run for a possible 10 year commitment for the festival in Kitchener at McLennan Park.

Councillor Bil Ioannidis says this year's festival is a test run for possible 10-year commitment

Councillor Paul Singh says a number of the acts had already been signed by the time he had first learned of the event. (Shutterstock)

Kitchener Coun. Bil Ioannidis says Big Music Fest could be here to stay. 

The councillor for Ward 7 said Big Music Fest organizer Mark Higgins is using this year's festival as a test run for a possible 10-year commitment in Kitchener at McLennan Park.  

"If the event runs as smoothly as we think we can run it then yeah, that's his goal to maintain it here for a while," said Ioannidis. 

"He envisions that this will be an event here for 10-years plus," Ioannidis said. 

But Ward 6 Councillor Paul Singh says he's not pleased that the organizers of Big Music Fest, which is set to take place from July 11-13, didn't take the proper steps to consult with area residents about issues such as noise. 

“Some of those residents, me included, along with other members of council, only found out about this event most recently,” said Singh, whose ward includes the park. "Much of the planning had already been completed, some of the acts had already been signed.”

Kitchener Coun. Bil Ioannidis had been working with Big Music Fest organizers to bring the event to Kitchener. It is the first time the festival, which bills itself as being the largest outdoor music festival in Canada, has come to the city.

"I'm not opposed to having large events in McLennan Park," said Singh. “I would have appreciated being included in the process much earlier, especially for specific planning for McLennan Park. I would have pushed at that point that the public be consulted.”


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