An anti-LRT group is seeking to appeal an Ontario Superior Court judge's decision to dismiss its motion for an injunction that would have halted the region’s light rail transit project.

“I really do believe it’s too much for the Region. We cannot afford it and we don’t need it,” said Jay Aissa, head of the Coalition Stop Waterloo LRT. “For all those people that signed my petition, I’m going to keep fighting on their behalf.”

The online petition now has more than 3,200 names.

Aissa said the court will make a decision on whether or not to approve the appeal in the next couple of weeks.

The coalition claimed in court filings that the region didn't follow Section 24 of the Ontario Planning Act and did not complete a proper environmental assessment, therefore building the LRT would "cause irreparable harm to businesses and ratepayers."

Judge C. Anne Tucker of St. Catharines, Ont., who made a special trip to Kitchener for the hearing last month, dismissed the motion. However, since she did not dismiss the application, Coalition Stop Waterloo LRT is able to pursue a judicial review and seek a permanent injunction of the LRT. 

The Region received notice on Friday that the motion seeking leave for an appeal had been filed.

“The Region has always maintained that it has done and acted properly and the judgment has said as much, so we believe that the position will be sustained," said Regional Chair Ken Seiling.