A Great Dane that bit a two-year-old child on the face Tuesday afternoon is back with its owner, according to the Guelph Police Service.

The child was playing at Riverside Park when the incident occurred. Police spokesperson Gord Woods says the child's parent was able to pull the dog away before any serious injury occurred. However, the child was taken to Guelph General Hospital for treatment.

The attack is still under investigation and police are not releasing the name of the child or the name of the dog's owner. Woods says that the animal's fate will be decided when the investigation is complete. 

"Dogs aren't just automatically at fault," Woods says. "We have to look at what happened to lead up to the dog bite." 

For example, Woods says that if the child ran at the dog while it was sitting quietly at its owners feet, the dog would not be held responsible for the bite. In that case, the dog could be quarantined for a few days and then returned to its owner.

This is the second time in two weeks that a child has been bitten by a Great Dane in Guelph. On June 19, another two-year-old was taken to Guelph General Hospital after being bit on the right ear, left arm, upper back and stomach. In that case, the dog was put down by the Guelph Humane Society.

"Anyone who I've spoken to about the matter is as confused as I am as to why this happened and why...the cases are so similar," Woods says.

Guelph Police are reminding dog owners that it is their responsibility to keep their animals on a leash and under control at all times.